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7 benefits of coworking spaces

Updated: May 13, 2021

Contrary to what you might think, coworking spaces aren’t exclusively for the self-employed. The modern concept of shared workspaces has burgeoned over the past decade, and they are a perfectly viable solution for full time employed staff as much as freelancers.

These facilities typically combine hot desk style workstations and meeting rooms with communal kitchens and break out areas. Some coworking spaces are equipped with gyms and recreational zones, while others come with co-living units attached.

It is estimated that by 2024 the number of coworking office spaces for rent around the globe will exceed 40,000. When they first popped up in capital cities, they were associated with startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, in light of the pandemic, experts predict that these spaces are about to boom in popularity with the conventionally employed. Major brands, including Spotify, have announced that they will cover memberships for employees who wish to transition to coworking spaces after restrictions ease.

If you’re wondering what’s so great about them, here are seven key benefits of coworking spaces.

Collaboration and networking opportunities

Coworking spaces attract workers of all disciplines, from startup businesses to digital nomads and independent contractors to major brands and organisations. It’s not uncommon for a marketing executive to rub shoulders with a graphic designer and a freelance bookkeeper on the same day. These communal workstations open the door to network with a plethora of professionals beyond your industry and can lead to conversations that foster new skills and spark an innovative approach to a project.

The potential that coworking spaces offer individuals to network and acquire new skills is unparalleled. Imagine how many times you’ve enlisted the support of an external agency to bring out of the box ideas to the table? Switching to a coworking space throws this perk in for free. The potential to bounce ideas around will benefit both the individual employee and their company in equal measure.

Community aspect

We are social creatures who thrive off the feeling of community. A coworking space provides a sociable work environment that reduces the feeling of loneliness that we can encounter when working alone at home. Since the lockdown measures came into force, 46% of the UK workforce have reported feeling lonely in their professional lives. Even the simple act of saying hello to a few friendly faces at the start of the day can bolster mood and productivity.

Besides the coworking and networking aspect, these spaces also come with the added perk of social events. Many coworking spaces host business workshops and talks where employees can sharpen their skills as well as leisure events that may vary from film and game nights to off-site activities and gatherings.

Increased flexibility

We are shifting away from the traditional 9-5, with an awareness that these regimental hours simply do not accommodate everyone’s schedule. Besides productivity, the mindset has shifted as workers become more conscious of maintaining a better work-life balance.

Many coworking spaces remain open for longer. This means that workers can schedule their work around the times that they are at their most productive or around family commitments. Some workers would rather start earlier and condense their workload into the morning, while others feel more productive after lunch. This is also beneficial for businesses with an international clientele who need to factor in time differences.

Going to a coworking space isn’t mandatory every day of the week. Some may prefer to spend a couple of their working days in their local coworking space and split the office and working from home. These spaces are affordable enough to allow flexibility.

Foster productivity

Coworking spaces strike a balance between the conventional office and the home. On the one hand, they are astutely kitted out with ergonomic desks and chairs that support the worker’s posture. On the other, they feature plush seating areas where workers are encouraged to take a screen break, chat with another co-worker or have a brainstorming season.

When working from home, attention is more likely to wane. Or that domestic chores, children and pets can tug you away from your to-do list. A coworking space keeps these distractions at bay but provides a wider variety of areas than the traditional office.

Support for small businesses

The cost and logistics of renting an office space can be overwhelming for boutique businesses and start-ups. A coworking space removes a lot of the stress and hassle and frees up valuable time that can be invested in the business.

Furthermore, most coworking spaces will be happy to offer a discount if a local business is in the position to sign its entire workforce up. If you cannot see group rates advertised on the organisation’s website, do not feel shy to enquire directly about group membership options.

Health and wellness

We know from countless studies that regular exercise boosts our productivity. A work out enhances brain function and ensures the functionality of blood, glucose and oxygen levels. According to Harvard Medical School, a regular work out also works wonders for memory.

For that reason, many coworking spaces provide leisure facilities and onsite group exercise classes. These vary from gyms and studios where members can slot a yoga, Pilates or a cardio class into their working day. As well as having spaces for relaxation and thoughtfulness.

Added value

Last but not least, coworking spaces typically offer a roster of options that cater to every possible requirement of a business.

More often than not, complementary free hot drinks are included in the membership cost and most come with onsite high-quality kitchen facilities. In addition to reliable, fast, secure internet, you can expect to have access to printers and other office amenities. Many even provide services such as the capacity to have business mail delivered to the facility via virtual offices to rent.

Leaving no stone unturned, these trendy spaces fuse functionality with home comforts and leisure facilities and will benefit all types of worker.

These 7 benefits of coworking should help you to achieve the work progress you want whilst making the most of collaborative workspaces. So if you’re looking for coworking and office space to rent near Southampton book now to view one of our locations, call us on 02382 356 966 or send us a message here.

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