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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

So we bought a building, now what?  One of our existing businesses is a design and architecture company so access to great designers was easy. The first question asked by ‘N’, a senior designer, was “what is the concept”.  In all honesty we had a building that had been destroyed inside and required some TLC and major renovation, but we didn’t want to just then rent it out, we wanted to come up with a new idea, a new business, to fill and utilise the space. We had designed and completed other clients interiors for co-working, including Network in Southampton, so why not have a ‘bash’ at running one ourselves.  We wanted to create ‘wealth’ for businesses, see a space that helped them engage and grow. But after help recovering from injury I had also agreed with @SamGriffiths that we would incorporate a space in the building for him, to offer his magic to others the same as he had done for me. So suddenly it was clear that we had more than one concept - a 5* working space and a sort of healing/training space (hate the word gym because it creates the wrong image in your head) that people could switch between - carry out your normal work activities and get healed or healthy in the same building. So now we had two concepts that over two months slowly fused back into one. The first was Agora3.......

Agora3 Co-working Space

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