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A very warm welcome awaits you on arrival with happy faces and great coffee.


Comfort is key, so a variety of workstations and seating areas have been created along with bathroom and shower facilities, air-conditioning and natural lighting.


Regular engagement with the Agora Engage team helps you mix with other businesses for support, through to collaboration opportunities. A bank of associated partner companies, are waiting to assist your business with all of its daily needs, especially those that a lot of businesses cannot afford to just have teams of in their normal set-up. Free sign up to business services and insurances is also offered to term members.

To speak with our Agora Engage team and find out more, please contact us.


NJOY Booths


Meeting booths with a TV equipped, perfect for quiet working or collaboration.



The name Oculis means ‘a hole in the ceiling’ and derives from the Latin word, Oculus, which means ‘eye’.

Our lounge area is a place for members and partners to socialise, engage and relax under our chandelier light fitting, as the light pours through the skylight above. 

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Agora Heart

A range of health and wellbeing services under one roof!

Meeting Rooms & Events Space


Our air-conditioned and stylish meeting rooms can be used for a number of different occasions, whether it’s a formal meeting, creative problem solving, sales pitch or networking! The sliding bi-folding acoustic partition can be pulled back to open the room into a larger event space to accommodate 50 people, with exposure to natural light through a large roof light.

Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Facilities

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