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About us

The world is changing and so are the places in which we work


The next generation of workers are used to working in small open spaces like coffee shops and lounges.  To an extent it is free but does come with its own problems of the noise and upsetting the premises owner that you are using it all day for the price of a coffee.  So, as your business grows and you require more space and facilities, where do you go from there?

Co-working sites are popping up all around us.  These can range from renting a small office in a traditional way through to just walking in and finding a desk in an open area.  However, some are setting up boutique style spaces where more and more of today’s needs are being met, including a collaborative approach to mixing with other businesses, accessing business services and utilising onsite facilities to save time and money.  The cost can be a simple ‘pay as you play’ approach with access available for single day use.

All in all, these places are creating very happy people who are finding their businesses are growing in ways they never thought, or as quickly.


The name Agora comes from the Greeks who met in a square to discuss the local needs, to carry out business and to socialise.  It was like a marketplace and it was called Agora.  


AGORA's flagship site opened on the outskirts of Southampton in 2019 with a very forward-thinking approach to the space and the businesses that use it. 

A very warm welcome awaits you on arrival with happy faces and great coffee.
All of our sites have been designed to create healthy, fresh environments using natural lighting, mechanical fresh air ventilation and of course lots of planting!  Comfort is key, so a variety of workstations and seating areas have been created along with clean and modern bathroom, shower rooms and kitchen facilities.

Regular engagement with the Agora Engage team helps businesses interact and engage for support through to collaboration opportunities.  Associated partner companies are waiting to assist your business with all of its daily needs - especially helpful for start ups and small businesses who cannot afford to include in their company structure.

See below for a list of companies, or contact us to find out more.


Free sign up to business services and insurances is also offered to term members, as well as substantial discounts to other services offered. Contact us to find out more!

What makes us different


Health & Wellbeing by Agora Heart

Nestled at the rear of AGORA's flagship site is a welcoming an modern health suite that is focused on the health and everyday wellbeing of a businesses employees and owners, ensuring healthy working whilst increasing productivity, loyalty and happiness.


Services available include:

  • A private health space for physical recovery, training and development with personal assistance.

  • An osteopath to heal those weary and achy muscles and bones.

  • Massage and movement to keep you healthy.

  • Counselling for mental health, including emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing.

  • A range of skincare treatments to keep you looking and feeling good.

  • On site Private GP, offering basic health checks, non-surgical procedures and vitamin and mineral injections and infusions.

  • Dental consultation and treatments.

Agora also offers Corporate Wellbeing, from workshops to ‘hands on’ sessions for team building and stress relief.  Also ‘who looks after you’ - one to one sessions for business owners or managers that need a bit of TLC for themselves, to stay healthy and on top form for their own business and team.

No need to fight your way in and out of the city traffic – we are located just off of junctions 1, 2 and 3 of the M27.

You won’t believe what is at Agora or how it feels to be part of it until you have visited.  Book your visit to see what is going on and to become part of what the Greeks started



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