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Everything you need to know about coworking spaces

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Coworking spaces are the new trend. They provide shared offices, hot desks and meeting rooms that come equipped with modern facilities and services that freelancers, remote workers and small businesses can utilise. But the culture of modern coworking spaces spreads much further and deeper.

Coworking spaces are an affordable, flexible alternative to working at home or commuting to a traditional office space. Despite what you might think, they are not exclusively for start-ups and the self-employed but rather a flourishing community space designed to create a sense of belonging for all workers.

We give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are a community

There’s so much more to a coworking space than a workstation and excellent Wi-Fi. What differentiates a top tier unit from the rest is the commitment to instilling a community vibe. Coworking spaces often go to the added effort to host business events such as presentations, skill-building workshops or networking and socialising opportunities between those who work there.

Even if a coworking space does not offer a formal event schedule, there is still often a community vibe between those that use the space. Comfortable break out areas, lounges and communal kitchens and dining areas invite members to make new connections but most importantly provide the opportunity for new friendships and business relationships.

After a year of isolation and working from home, we’re all craving interaction with others to break up a day’s work, which helps to combat the feelings of loneliness.

Coworking spaces have a huge opportunity to improve our working environment, allowing for more productivity, more collaboration and a better sense of wellbeing.

Champions of health and wellbeing

Coworking spaces are a great example of demonstrating what fuels productivity and happiness in the workplace. One of the most important elements for busy modern minds is that they are inspired to take breaks and recharge by engaging in health, fitness and wellness pursuits.

Coworking spaces often provide health and wellness facilities as part of their offering, which might be in the form of a gym, fitness suite or spa centre. We are unique in the fact that we are coupled with our wellness company, Agora Heart. This extension of our offering provides our members with easy access to massage, beauty, osteopathic, nutrition and health coaching services.

All our members are automatically enrolled in membership at Agora Heart which means that this sanctuary of calmness is easily accessible. But we also welcome those that aren’t members to use the space too.

As an added bonus, we are located on the edge of the New Forest which makes it easy for our members to get their fix of nature when needed, which is essential for wellbeing.

Easily accessible office alternatives

When the earliest coworking spaces emerged, they were often situated in major cities like San Francisco, Berlin and London. They attracted freelancers, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. However, the landscape of coworking spaces has evolved to cater for all types of workers including those in full-time employment.

We champion the need for coworking spaces to be more inclusive of non-city dwellers as well as those who crave the company of like-minded people but prefer not to spend a third of their day commuting.

Our spaces are appealing in the fact that they are located on the outskirts of the city, avoiding the busy city centre traffic and they are well served by key transport routes and we even provide free parking for our patrons and their guests.

Options for different business needs

Leading coworking spaces offer a variety of workstations to choose from to match the requirements of the individuals or teams. Hot desking or desk rental is the most cost-effective solution for solo entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

For small or emerging businesses that require more space, established coworking spaces often provide an array of private offices to accommodate teams upwards of 30 people.

Coworking spaces also usually have a variety of meeting rooms and smaller spaces for those that need some peace and quiet during working hours. As well as communal areas for those that love to socialise.

Cost and time effective solutions

When you take into account the costs of maintaining and running a commercial business, a coworking space can provide opportunities to save money. Rather than juggling multiple utility bills, cleaners and maintenance providers, a coworking space handles the lot so you don’t need to worry about operational costs.

In addition to this, using a coworking space frees up time spent on managing an office so you can get back to what you do best.

Flexible working conditions

One of the greatest things about a coworking space membership is that there is no requirement to use the service on a full-time basis if you don’t require it.

Coworking spaces are designed to accommodate all types of workers and to provide an alternative option to the conventional office, working from home or finding Wi-Fi hotspots and coffee shops.

As a result, you can benefit from flexible, affordable contracts that suit your business and needs. From the virtual office to private offices – you’ll usually find what you need in any coworking space.

Innovative design to boost productivity

Physical comfort is paramount to a worker’s productivity. Any workstation should be ergonomically engineered to ease discomfort from prolonged sitting, and this is more challenging to get right in a home office. Especially if that home office is shared with the kitchen table!

As a new development, coworking spaces often are designed to enhance productivity and let employees flourish. Whether that’s providing modern kitchen facilities, break out spaces or comfy sofas – you don’t need to be stuck at your desk all day!

They’re often designed carefully to provide natural light, cosy spaces and booths along with the latest equipment so that you keep productivity and creativity ticking over throughout the day.

For more information about coworking spaces, or if you’re looking for a private office, virtual office or desk space get in touch on 02382 356 966 or make an enquiry here.

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