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Why people thrive in coworking spaces

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Coworking spaces are on the rise, bringing new definitions to the term work-life balance. Research has shown that creativity and motivation levels are often much higher in these spaces when compared to conventional offices and home working.

In light of the recent pandemic and the easing of lockdown, we’ve decided to write about what it is these spaces have that enable entrepreneurs, freelancers and business professionals to thrive. Coworking spaces have been quoted to be the future of the working life, so we delve into the ‘why’ so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you and your employees.

From the importance of community to the power of flexible working conditions, these are our insights into why people really do thrive in coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are one of a kind

No coworking space is the same. Whilst franchises and chains of coworking spaces do exist which adhere to a level of uniformity, each facility will often customise its offering to suit the local community and those that use the space.

Besides the well-known, more city-based coworking brands, you can still come across more independent and boutique coworking facilities that are popping up throughout the UK to quench the growing demand for these spaces for workers outside of cities who still want to reap all the benefits.

Coworking spaces can differ greatly – from offering simple hot desks setups and meeting rooms, whilst others feature on-trend recreational areas (did someone say Google?), on-site gyms or other leisure facilities.

Depending on size, a coworking space might provide a communal kitchen, whereas another might have a restaurant or cafeteria attached. At Agora, we pride ourselves on being unique in our commitment to health and wellbeing, providing additional health and wellbeing services and modern kitchen facilities – allowing people to make the most of the work-life balance which, in turn, gives people the freedom to thrive.

Collaborative community culture

If this last year has shown us anything with regards to mental health, it’s clear that we are social creatures who thrive off a sense of belonging and community.

Especially in business, we look forward to the chance to be with like-minded people – sharing ideas and working together. Coworking spaces provide the opportunity for those relationships to foster and grow. As a community, we can all learn something from each other, which provides the building blocks of being able to thrive in your career.

Coworking spaces are unique in the sense that they bring together a collective of professionals who work in different fields, in varying disciplines and with different experiences. This fusion of minds can inspire workers to think about their own projects in a different light and open up the possibilities for collaboration, new work leads, and creates an underlying sense of community and the chance to make new friends.

When you’re learning and growing in your surroundings, it provides multiple opportunities to thrive.

Power to the people

Coworking spaces are the biggest supporter of flexible working conditions and, therefore, provide more scope for each individual to maximise the opportunity.

Many coworking spaces are open early and late, with some open 24/7 and/or at weekends, so if workers need to change their hours due to a school run, doctors’ appointments, meetings with clients, or even hours when they feel most productive, then they can do so without being tied down to the 9-5.

Unlike with a conventional office, coworking space managers do not expect to see their members clocking in the exact hours, but allow members to have a choice.

Being able to choose how you work and when you work harnesses empowerment, provides motivation and sets the path for being able to thrive. In the past, this is why many professionals are inspired to go freelance, launch their own business or work as a self-employed consultant.

If anything is a silver lining in the business professional world, is that as a result of the pandemic throwing schedules up in the air and transforming the shape of the working day, the conventionally employed office way of life has allowed employees to come out on top.

Coworking spaces can bridge the gap between city working (commuting in traffic, expensive parking, rigid schedules etc.) and home working, where isolation, distractions and people, kids or pets getting in the way of an important Teams call are all highly likely (we’ve all seen the videos).

Businesses are now expected to loosen up their practices and allow their workforces to work remotely, but not everyone wants to continue to work from home – at least not all the time.

That’s why coworking spaces can be the perfect solution, not just as we ease out of lockdown but for the future too.

Adaptable and varied spaces

One of the major benefits of coworking spaces is the space itself. Often, workers are providing with ergonomic workstations and furnishings, a choice of hot desks, areas with natural light, artistic use of colour palettes and greenery, which all contribute to less stress, higher productivity and happiness.

When you’re in an environment that is dedicated to providing flexibility, adaptability and opportunity – it can be hard not to blossom.

At Agora, we take pride in providing coworking spaces that are designed with adaptability in mind. Whenever our clients come to us, we have a range of spaces to suit their needs. Whether it’s a booth or desk for a freelance worker, a quiet space for a small meeting or for larger conferences, we’ll find something to suit you. We also provide private offices, which are adaptable for your team too.

We believe having a variety of options and the possibility to relocate to different workstations is just one more reason why people thrive in coworking spaces.

If you want to know more about coworking spaces and if it’s right for you and your team, give us a call on 02382 356 966 or visit here to find out more.

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