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Why desk rental is the perfect option for freelancers

One of the most appealing elements for freelancers or self-employed consultants is having the autonomy to decide where you work each day. If you're fortunate to have a home office and a quality coffee machine, you might be happy enough working in your house. But some days, especially now given the lockdowns, you might miss the background hum of colleagues or find that you're falling prey to distractions around the house. Cafes are another alternative, but they aren't always the most conducive environment. They can become costly, not to mention that they are not accessible right now due to the pandemic.

Desk rental at a coworking space is the perfect solution for freelancers. If you're self employed, then you have three desk rental options at your fingertips.

Hot desk

Hot desking means that you will take any available desk at your chosen location.

Coworking spaces are the most accessible and most affordable type of flexible desk rental. You can usually pay for your hot desk on an hourly, daily or monthly basis depending on the type of membership level you opt for. If you sign up with organisations such as Agora, who have offices located on the edge of the New Forest, then you have the flexibility to work at any of their facilities which is handy if you thrive off variety and want to get out of the house to work.

A little more privacy

If you're looking for a little more privacy but don't need your own office, then facilities with Private Booths are another consideration. Usually, due to popularity, they require booking and come with a small extra fee but are great for private working, meetings or presentation with an AV setup.

Dedicated desk

A dedicated desk is the next step up from hot desking and means that you have your own desk reserved for you. This is suitable if you intend to spend more than half of your working week away from home.

Private serviced office

The most formal arrangement is to rent a dedicated office at either a coworking space or one to the other Agora locations. A private office is attractive if you have a small team to work with or just need your privacy.

Why Flexi Desk rental is the perfect option for freelancers and self-employed consultants

Whichever desk rental option you choose, they all come with an abundance of perks.

Cost effective

Whether you opt for a private office or a hot desk, there is a desk rental solution that will accommodate any freelancer's budget.

Coworking spaces are designed to be as inclusive as possible, and you will generally find that they offer a selection of membership options. For example, if you only require access to a hot desk, you can pay as little as £2.50 per hour depending on the type of membership you opt for. And if you need occasional access to private meeting rooms, you can usually add this on for a reasonable additional fee. On top of this, most locations provide access to lounge areas which are also the perfect environment to meet or work.

As coworking spaces provide every single business necessity, you won't need to worry about the likes of ink cartridges or ultra-fast internet at your house.

Work-life balance

Devising your schedule for the day and sticking to it is a challenge when you are a freelancer. Getting out of the house and travelling locally to a dedicated workspace helps get you into the mindset of the working day. If you're prone to rising late, the routine of going to your desk rental may incentivise you to wake earlier.

If you have an office or an external desk to go to it helps you to structure your day

and prioritise what you need to get done. You may find that unless you have

evening plans you tend to end up working late whilst at home and that you lose

track of time.

Social networking

The freelance lifestyle can feel lonely at times. Desk rental provides a community. You'll have that comforting murmur of other freelancers tapping away at their keyboard beside you and the opportunity to have a natter when taking a tea break.

Many desk rental facilities also arrange social networking events ranging from business talks to dinners and other off site activities.

Fewer distractions

When you work from home, there is always something that can tug your attention away from your to-do list. When you rent a desk at a professional space, there is no laundry, household chores or dog pleading for an extra walk to distract you. A backdrop of other freelancers hard at work will also work wonders for your motivation and productivity.

With a variety of work and recreational zones, communal workspaces are designed to foster productivity. They provide a space where you can get your head down as well as break out areas so you can factor in some official rest time.


There's no need to visit your desk rental every day. Some days you may prefer to work from home or in your favourite cafe. A desk rental provides you with the freedom to decide based on what works for you on the given day. You won't receive a stern email asking why you haven't shown up to your workstation!

New business opportunities

When you rent a desk, you have a golden opportunity to make new connections that may open the door to new projects. If you befriend a fellow freelancer in your niche, they may send overspill work your way or consider calling you if they need holiday cover; equally, you may be able to utilise their skills and services. Through these types of connections, mutually beneficial collaborations can begin.

Hot desking alongside professionals in other industries and niches also gives you the chance to think outside the box and pick up new skills.

Business facilities

There's more to your desk rental than the desk! These units come with countless other perks designed to help your freelance business function at its best. Agora's memberships and coworking spaces give their members access to a number of these perks, including the use of their address for business dealings. This is a huge benefit if you would rather not share your residential address on your business documents and newsletters.

Not to mention, you will have hi-speed Wi-Fi at your fingertips, air conditioning,

printers, kitchen and shower facilities and ergonomic seating arrangement.

If desk rental sounds like the perfect solution to give your productivity a boost, we recommend that you start by trialling a coworking space for a month.

To learn more about our flexible hot desk coworking spaces situated on the edge of the New Forest, call us on 02382 356 966 or complete the enquiry form.

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